For many years now, the frontline of any corporate security strategy has been the Firewall. In recent years a plethora of new applications have evolved and become commonplace in the business world. These include social media, corporate and personal productivity tools, Web 2.0 applications and a wide variety of others. These applications have in many cases boosted productivity, but at the same time have created significant new challenges in security.

Security used to be exclusively about preventing or fixing problems. Now its focus has transitioned to improving the bottom line. Enterprise and Cyber security services plans to address the security demands of organizations that include embracing new technologies; mitigating cyber threats; and conforming with regulations even while increasing customer trust; reducing risks, costs, and complexity; achieving compliance targets; and improving productivity. Security today is about demonstrating business value and we plan to achieve that with integrated, end-to-end security and compliance solutions agile enough to transform with ever-changing business and IT risks.

Through a range of services, TTPL can help customers understand their current risk posture and weak links to frame a dialogue around security programs that would be required to achieve the desired state. TTPL will acquire, build, retain and leverage deep security expertise to define the security roadmap, ensuring that program execution and security operations are carried out in a cost-effective manner.

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