Our Global Partners

Asia Pacific Incubation Network

The Asia Pacific Incubation Network (APIN) help promote, support and develop quality business incubation in the region, developing management and policy capacities, sharing experiences and complementing the work of the Asian Association of Business Incubators (AABI).
Please visit the website here
Indian Angel Network

The Indian Angel Network brings together highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs from India and around the world who are interested in investing in startup / early stage ventures which have the potential of creating disproportionate value. The Network, in addition to money, provide constant access to high quality mentoring, vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution. The Network members, because of their background are better able to assess the potential and risks at the early stage.
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Bhutan+partners facilitate and generate new and unusual programs driven by creative people searching for innovative and lasting connections. Founded in 2002, and based in the Netherlands, bhutan+partners inspire people and organizations from Bhutan and Europe to connect in the fields of business, culture and sports. Bhutan+partners programs are inspired by the principles of gross national happiness.
Please visit the website here
Hankyung I-Net
HK I NET is one of Korea leading IT services provider in relating to quality-assured, end-to-end integrated IT solutions and services to private and public sector through an extensive network in Korea. HK INET also offers comprehensive global and local ICT Total Solution services and support for business development in Korea using our close teamwork with Korea Institute of Science Technology Information and major partners, Korea Telecom.
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KROKER Unternehmenskonzepte

KROKER Unternehmenskonzepte is a management consultancy with an experience of almost 20 years. The company advises SME’s and international enterprises from different sectors in topics like: business development; process-, quality- and environmental management; corporate social responsibility. In future KROKER Unternehmenskonzepte is going to support knowledge and technology transfer between Europe and Bhutan.
Please visit the website here

Our Domestic Partners

Royal Thimphu College

Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan’s first private college, is a premier educational institution spread over 25 acres in Ngabiphu, Thimphu, Bhutan, offering general degree programs under the auspices of the Royal University of Bhutan. Please visit the website here

Ministry of Labour & Human Resources

The mission of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Royal Government of Bhutan is to facilitate human resource development for economic development and to ensure gainful employment for all Bhutanese workforce.
Please visit the website here

Department of IT and Telecom

Department of IT and Telecom is located at Thimphu, Bhutan and is under the ministry of Information and Communication. The vision of DITT is to create and enable environment for all the Bhutanese citizens to afford and use ICT and harness the benefits of the ICT to enhance their living standard. It takes part in promoting ICT as an enabler of national development, supporting development of reliable ICT infrastructure in the country, determining the appropriateness of the given technology and system suitable to unique Bhutanese conditions, facilitating the promotion of good governance through the use of ICT and developing sustainable and affordable ICT facilities and services for all Bhutanese to improve their living standard. Please visit the website here

College of Science and Technology

The College of Science and Technology is the only institute in the country offering undergraduate degree programmes in engineering which were introduced in 2001 by Royal Command. It is responsible to oversee the tertiary education system in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the field of science and technology. The college is located at Rinchending in Phuentsholing. Please visit the website here

Gaeddu College of Business Studies

Located in Gedu, a town 45 km away from Phuentsholing, Gaeddu College of Business Studies is poised to be the only premier government college under the Royal University of Bhutan offering full time contemporary business and management education in the country. The College has its campus spread over 289 acres of land four times larger than the other colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan. The original plan of the establishment was first conceived by His Majesty the Fourth King and the Royal Government. Please visit the website here

Sherubtse College

Sherubtse is the oldest college in Bhutan.
“Sherubtse is an undisputed symbol of modern Bhutan. All over the country, in the public imagination, we share the meaning of this symbolism. It is that of a cradle of educated and enlightened citizens of Bhutan whose path converged at Sherubtse College once, and then spread to various branches of society and government. Through the shared experiences and its high standard of learning, the institute has provided a common outlook that is one aspect of the unity among the qualified people in our country”.
Ever since its inception, Sherubtse College, through farsighted management, has evolved innovative practices in education and social service rewriting the socio-educational profile of the Kingdom. The College epitomizes the unwavering visionary zeal and mission objectives the great kingdom of Bhutan and its enchanting leader his Majesty The King. Please visit the website here


DHI believes that there are ample bhutanese entrepreneurial minds wanting to be nurtured and developed. And as part of DHI’s mandate to “Lead and stimulate private sector development through a culture of innovation, creativity and enterprise”, DHI has developed a comprehensive entrepreneurship development program called BEGIN (Business Entrepreneurship Growth and INnovation) Program to promote entrepreneurship and innovation that would lead to the formation of larger size, high growth companies in Bhutan, which would generate employment and contribute towards economic development. Please visit the website here

The Loden Foundation

The Loden Foundation, Bhutan’s first registered charity, is dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society in Bhutan through the promotion of education, learning and entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese children and young adults. Managed by a group of people with shared vision, interests and concerns, The Loden Foundation runs programmes to provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities and facilities at preschool, school and post-school stages. Please visit the website here
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