Zoop KG Pvt. Ltd

ZOOP is a Canadian software development firm created in 2001 and with clients in 100 countries. Innovative, financially solid and driven by the success of each team member, our enterprise has enjoyed growth over the past 18 years.

Our Bhutan office was opened in August 2016 in Bhutan’s first Tech park located in Thimphu. It currently has a dedicated team of three people ensuring smooth operation within the company by our Business Process Auditor, company budgeting and financial coordination overseen by our Accountant and a new HR personnel looking after the wellbeing of all ZOOP employees. The company also operates from 3 other sites: Canada, Russia and the Philippines.

Worldwide, we employ approximately 50 people in a multilingual environment. We are known for our demanding and participative culture. Our clients are large organizations such as leading European carmakers, American health care providers or Asian maritime shipping lines. For details click the website link below:





Contact No.: 17917063

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